• Get STAR treatment

    With our Semantic Technologies Acceleration Roadmap (STAR) programme you can build a knowledge network out of information chaos.

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  • TurboTagger: classification without integration

    With our new TurboTagger you can classify your content with rich SKOS taxonomies but without building an integration.

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  • Introducing the CGE

    Content graphs build knowledge networks for information-centric businesses. Our Content Graph Explorer (CGE) helps businesses to explore their networks.

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  • Governance without red tape

    Don't let information governance tie you in knots; we can help you with practical tools, guidelines and processes that work in the real world.

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  • Stop searching, start discovering

    Move beyond the search box; discover your stuff, wherever it is, with semantic tools and technologies.

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Tellura Semantics is a Semantic Web technology business. Based in the UK, we work with clients and partners of all sizes and in locations around the world, across industries such as banking, legal services, education, publishing, life sciences, and the public sector. The one thing our clients have in common is a vision to transform their business through semantic web technologies.

If challenging ideas like the Semantic Web, taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs are coming to the fore in your organisation, or if you'd like them to, then we can help you.

Take a look around our site, then get in touch with us. We're proud of what we can do to help our clients, and we'd love to have the opportunity to help you.

About us

We are a dedicated group of experienced technologists, with decades of experience in designing, building, managing, writing about and training on classification schemes, effective information architecture for content re-use, information models for building knowledge networks and much more. We can apply the skills of taxonomists, ontologists, content architects, authors, editors, user experience and software development experts to your business requirements.