The STAR programme

Our Semantic Technologies Acceleration Roadmap (STAR) programme is a tried and tested approach to realising the benefits of implementing semantic technologies. This is a package of components assembled for your organisation's unique needs. The starting point is always a conversation in which we aim to learn about your immediate and long-term requirements. We listen to your team and ask the key questions to find out what you need to achieve. From this we can put together your tailored Semantic Technologies Accelerated Roadmap (STAR) programme, which may include any or all of the following:

  • Knowledge transfer. We run a variety of awareness-raising workshops on semantic technologies directed at your business colleagues, taxonomists, information modellers and leaders. It's a great way to bring your business rapidly up to speed on the nature and potential of the Semantic Web.
  • Content architecture design. We advise companies on effective content design for effective information discovery and re-use. We have decades of experience in building content management systems, and we share the language that your content specialists use.
  • Taxonomy, ontology and information model design. Here we apply our knowledge and expertise of taxonomy design to help you solve your unique classification challenges. We work with you to get the right information model to characterise your content.
  • Helping you to design and build governance processes. Taxonomies are corporate information assets just like your other content and other information, and need the same rigour, security and audit features
  • Advice on integration of semantic information components. Drawing on our extensive experience of taxonomy systems, graph databases and content management systems, we can help you to integrate these disparate systems to build your knowledge network.
  • Proof of concept. Through our wide knowledge of commercial products in the semantic information space, and using our technology partnerships, we can enable you to gain practical experience of these technologies to better inform your purchasing decisions.

Our PoolParty STAR programme

We work closely with Semantic Web Company, and have extensive experience building semantic solutions using their product PoolParty. We provide a 3-month STAR programme that includes:

  • Requirements analysis and design of a proof of concept study
  • A temporary (typically 90 day) cloud-hosted PoolParty server allowing you to use all PoolParty features
  • On-site taxonomist training for PoolParty
  • On-site awareness raising sessions for colleagues
  • Hands-on design of taxonomies and information models
  • Advice on taxonomy governance and management practices
  • Advice and practical assistance in integrating taxonomies and ontologies with your other information management systems
  • Recommendations for strategic follow-up

Our prior experience with this type of programme has demonstrated significant value in informing the decision making processes for organisations wishing to move into the semantic information technology space. Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you.