Building a content graph

Organisations that work with content-rich information systems often have to contend with two major problems:

  • How to find existing content
  • How to make new, re-usable content

The first problem is usually addressed, with varying levels of success, by full-text searching. The second is often not addressed at all, and I'll have more on this later. To deal with the issue of searching first; this problem is not restricted to the internal needs of organisations; everyone deals with the problem of information searching.

Why things work better than strings

Human beings are natural organisers; we spend our entire lives classifying things, grouping and ordering things and comparing and contrasting things with other things. It's probably a trait that helped us survive and evolve - being able to distinguish one type of four-legged furry creature (a sheep - eat it) from another four-legged furry creature (a lion - run away from it) must have been a useful survival skill. The process through which we organise the things in our world is very much about building